All My Sons

A collaborative music recording and video project by THE SPINNING BOY

All My Sons is a collection of songs and accompanying films inspired by and honouring male musicians who have prematurely passed away and those who live with mental health challenges.

It is a collaboration between THE SPINNING BOY (Marc-Ivan O’Gorman) and various artists who had connections with the celebrated artists. The songs will be a mixture of newly penned compositions and pieces written by the honoured artists.

Development, production, and promotion of the project should facilitate a conversation that encourages an awareness of men’s health. All My Sons launched on June 19, International Men’s Health Day.

The ‘album’ will be available in a limited edition physical format (a record) and as a digital download. The videos will be accessible via YouTube & Vimeo and shareable via social media.

The first performance of music from All My Sons took place at The South East Technological University, Carlow, Ireland, on November 2021 with the support of the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Department.

The profits from the sale of the finished work will go to The Men’s Health Forum Ireland (MHFI), a charitable organization that seeks to promote all aspects of the health and well-being of men and boys on the island of Ireland through research, education, training, health initiatives, networking, and awareness-raising.

All My Sons project is the recipient of an Arts Act Grant 2021 from Carlow County Council Arts Office. And supported by The National Centre for Men’s Health

Release date

November 19 2021

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